About us

Welcome to Langdon Productions.
Owned and run by Steven Langdon

We produce all types of musical and audio palettes. From musical arrangement, mixing and mastering to voice over and transfer. From full production records to remote recording, from first time singer and songwriters to Top of line professionals and all in between.

Everyone is welcome at Langdon Productions.

Located in Blossom Valley El Cajon in a quiet country location away from the city. Housed in a beautiful Victorian setting surrounded by trees, lakes and horse where a relaxed atmosphere of the old compliments the new. Artistic and rustic, 2-inch analog tape to Pro Tools HD 3.

But more then the equipment can say, Ears, integrity and personnel achieve what you want to feel and hear.
We have been involved in the music business for 30 years. We’re still doing it because we love doing it and we aim to please.

It’s out of passion and patience for the Art of Music that has allowed us to survive and thrive in a highly competitive business.

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We cover Multi track recording/editing and Mastering in the Digital and Analog domain.
Other services include, Remote recording, Voice over, Music arrangement, Duplication and transfers of different format and lessons.